Option 4: Lease Takeover

Some contracts are lease agreements which sometimes allow a new person to assume the remainder of the contract. Just because you didn’t like the company or the product doesn’t mean that someone else wont just love it.

If They Agree to Cancel

Make sure you get everything in writing! Just like the contract that got you into this mess, you can only truly cancel a contract if you have it in writing.

Helpful Tips:

– Almost nothing you can buy in life is going to pass you by if you don’t act fast. And if they do, it’s definitely something you don’t need. Never make quick decisions!

Always get a business card with the Salesperson’s information. Also obtain any brochures or documents about the company, company locations, etc.

– Ask for a city-issued badge or license showing that the salesperson has been permitted by the city to sell there.

– If your worried for your safety or feel harassed by the salesperson, call the police.

– Never let door-to-door salespeople into your home. Some people in door-to-door sales may be people with a criminal record. Keep you and you’re family safe!

– If you don’t feel safe, don’t open the door. Just keep it locked and walk away.

– Never feel awkward asking the salesperson to wait outside while you go research the company and product online. You could also give them the option to come back later. If they fear you going online to do research, close the door and walk away.

Other Resources

Here are some other good resources for getting out of contracts depending on what you purchased.

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