Hulu ending its free subscription service

There I was, last night, minding my own business, doing a little binge watching of some shows I’ve missed on Hulu. It all went smoothly.

I woke up this morning to exercise to a Hulu show and guess what! Now I need a subscription!

That’s right. Hulu is no longer offering a free service subscription. If you wish to watch Hulu, you will need to pay $7.99 for an ad version of Hulu and if you pay $11.99, you will receive an ad-free subscription for Hulu shows. Their subscription service is a lot more like Netflix.

There are still other options out there to see your favorite shows and movies like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube but they are all paid.

For now, Yahoo View has teamed up with Hulu to offer a few free shows, up to five per show. It’s a good option if you still want to catch up on your favorite shows but it may not last long. We thought Hulu was going to be a forever thing and it ended after about 8 years. Here’s to hoping that free episodes on Yahoo View will last awhile as well.