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Okay mamas. We’ve all been there. Late night feedings, sitting through hours of practices, waiting in the carpool lane, or locked in the bathroom for a break from the kids and we’re on our phones and we’re clicking on the most random links or searching the most random things on Facebook.

Well, bad news. Facebook is keeping track of all of it and adding it onto your list of ad preferences. And it’s not only tracking Facebook clicks and actions, it’s also tracking your actions outside of Facebook!

As a business owner, this is great! Facebook is doing all of the hard work for you so when you want to run an add or you’re posting something relevant to a person’s interests, you’ll show up.

However, as a mama who just wants to see what her friends are up to, it’s an awful tactic, especially when you’ve been clicking, typing, and searching everything.

After looking through my list, I had the most random interests like HVAC, Volkswagen Golf, native plant, steel, alligator, force, day, South Carolina Lowcountry (I’m from the West), earth, behavior, salvation, away from family, returned from trip 2 weeks ago, soap, sun, human swimming (that’s a favorite), and the list goes on and on and on. I have hundreds of interests listed that I didn’t even know I was interested in.

So what can you do about it? It’s simple.

Getting rid of unwanted Facebook interests

First, log in to Facebook if you’re not already. Next, go to

There you will find a list of your interests. Use the arrow to open up each category and from there, you can delete any interest you do not want.

Deleting unwanted interests Facebook ads

Unfortunately, deleting interests does not mean less ads. It just means that you will see more relevant ads according to what you’d like to see.

Deleting unwanted interests Facebook ads

You can also add a preference if you don’t see one on the list that you think is more appropriate at the top of the list.

Deleting unwanted interests Facebook ads

What’s on your interest list that you didn’t want?


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