Remember the days before before becoming a parent? It was going to be perfect, right? We were going to do everything perfectly, we were going to say everything perfectly, and life was going to be perfect.

Well, life changes when we actually become a parent, doesn’t it? Here’s some promises to ourselves that we abandoned the minute we became a parent.

1. My kid is never going to eat French fries for breakfast.

2. We will never eat at McDonald’s.

3. The kids need to do chores before watching cartoons.

4. I will never make special meals for picky eaters.

5. My kid will never yell at me like that.

6. My children will never scream in public. Embarrassing.

7. I’ll never allow movies in the car.

8. My babies won’t play with my phone.

9. I won’t let my child have any screen time before the age of 2.

10. I will never say, “Because I said so!”

11. I could never let my baby cry it out.

12. My kids will be made to sit quietly in a restaurant. There’s no way they’ll be loud.

13. My babies will never sleep in my bed.

14. I will never nurse in public.

15. I’ll never be one of those moms that doesn’t get ready for the day and who shows up at the school still in yoga pants.

16. I will make school lunch for my kid every day so that they will have a healthy meal.

17. I’ll never give my kids cookies for lunch.

18. I’ll never buy a mini van.

19. I’ll never parent like my mom did.

20. I would never lie to my children.

21. My children will always be dressed and ready for the day before we go out in public.

22. My kids will never eat food off the floor.

23. I’ll take my children to the library everyday.

24. My children will never say ______ to another adult.

25. My kids will never run off.

26. I would never lose my kids at the carnival.

What are some promises you made to herself that have already been broken?


  1. Truth! once you learn that parenting is not about being perfect, its much easier and less stressful. I remember the days when I had a list of all the perfect things I had to do for or with my kids, I was so stressed and frazzled. Good thing the newness wore off…. or maybe I just had a nervous break down and decided French fries were indeed a breakfast item, that Mcdonalds is okay, and that eating off the floor is fine. Haha!

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