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Although white elephant present ideas are usually just needed at Christmas time, there are plenty of good party times throughout the year that you might need just the right white elephant present.

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1. A full stalk of Brussel Sprouts.

2. Goldfish in a fish bowl.

3. A baby bottle with a packet of hot chocolate.

4. A whole dead, raw fish packaged beautifully.

5. A mouse wrapped in a nice white box.

6. A pair of giant whitey tighties.

7. A squatty potty.

8. A literal white elephant (stuffed animal, porcelain, etc.).

9. A Go Girl.

10. Snuggies.

11. A large photo of the person who gave the gift, framed and signed.

12. A calendar of cats, people, etc. with the person giving the gift’s head on all the heads.

13. A toilet seat.

14. Handerpants.

15. Poop emoticon pillow.

16. An alive gold fish.

17. Magic Unicorn Poo.

18. A S’mores Maker.

19. Pizza Cologne Spray.

20. A jar of nothing.

Best white elephant gifts
Photo courtesy Roots of Design