What To Do While Kids Are Away

Summer is finally ending and I don’t know about you, but I am definitely excited.

I think there is this idea around moms sending the kids off to school that suddenly time just frees up. Unfortunately, for many of us, that’s just simply not true. I work while the kids are at school, much like many other moms.

Here’s some things I may or may not be doing when the kids go back to school:

1. Creating amazing dinners.

I mean, now I have all the time in the world to make dinner, right? I’ll be slaving away, starting at about 9 am, to create the most perfect dinner every single night.

2. Clean the house.

During my down time of cooking dinner, I’ll be making sure the house is spotless. I figure if I just spend a few hours each day dusting, vacuuming, and a few deep cleaning items everyday, the house will look perfect day after day.

3. Work in the yard.

All of those pesky weeds that have spent the whole summer growing? Yep, they’ll be gone. I’ll be spending at least an hour each day for the first few weeks bringing my yard back to highest-award status.

4. Can and dry food.

After growing a marvelous garden all summer, I’ll be making sure that all of my garden food will not go to waste, not even the leaves, and I’ll be putting it all into jars to make sure it all gets preserved.

5. Exercise.

I know, it seems like I have enough on my plate already but trust me, I’ll be getting in so much exercise between everything else that my body is going to be looking ridiculously hot by Christmas.

6. Freeze food.

As I will already be in the kitchen making dinner and canning and drying food from the garden, I also want to make sure that my family has plenty of freezer meals for lunches (obviously not dinners because I already have that covered).

7. Laundry will be done.

Don’t worry, honey. You’ll never have a full laundry basket again because I plan to do laundry every single day!

What will you be doing once the kids go back to school? Hopefully something as amazing as what I’m doing.


(Okay. This is all a lie. I’ll really be lounging on my bed with a bucket of ice cream each day, catching up on all of the shows that I missed during the summer … and the last few years. Binge watch, anyone?

But in all seriousness, I know that there’s a lot of moms out there who actually do all of the above. I just want you to know that if you’re ever looking for more to do, please come to my house. I will feed you all the ice cream you want.)