Are you a family of extraordinarily well-behaved history buffs? If not you’re going to need to break up the national landmark viewings up with some budget and kid-friendly activities. You might not be able to go through many art exhibits with your 3 year old not touching things, climbing things or going behind red velvet ropes. Here are a few activities that shouldn’t require too many “I’m so sorry”s.

The National Zoo: Local zoo admission is usually around $35 for admission. A trip to animal-based theme parks (Bush Gardens, Sea World, etc.) costs about $100 a pop. Want to know how much the national zoo costs? It’s free. They have elephants, big cats, reptiles, etc. There is something for everyone. Your kids will love seeing so many amazing animals and let’s be honest you really can’t argue with ‘free admission’.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: A trip here is a somber event to say the least. It is a memorable and humbling experience for teens and adults alike. Spending a day to remember the victims of the holocaust is a day well-spent. While this may not scream ‘family fun’, it can certainly lead to important discussions with your children.

The Museum of Natural History:  This museum is ginormous. You can spend a few hours looking at specific exhibits that interest your children for hours. Or, if you have especially well-behaved children, you can spend a whole day seeing gems, dinosaurs, sea creatures and more! Try watching ‘Night at the Museum’ the night before you go and you’re kids will be amped to see those fun characters in person.

The International Spy Museum: Parents of the James Bond enthusiast prepare to be amazed. With gadgets and interesting characters straight out of the movies, the International Spy Museum is sure to be a hit. They even have a secret mission for families with children 12+. A trip to the International Spy Museum is interactive experience for a low price ($16/each). You are pretty much guaranteed at least a few hours without an eye-roll or scoff.