The internet is a wondrous place- here are some top parenting tips from the folks on Reddit!

  1. When my 2.5 year old is having a tantrum, I hold up 4 fingers and tell him to “blow out the candles.” The deep breaths and counting down from 4 help to relax him. Sometimes he even asks me for the “candles” now when he’s upset.
  2. When your small child swears or something embarrassing DO NOT tell them not to say that word. That’s all they’ll be able to think of. What I’ll do is say, “That’s all right, but whatever you do, DON’T say (insert silly word).” Then of course, they’ll say the silly word. Then I pretend to get very indignant and say, “Well, okay, at least you didn’t say (insert another silly word).” Rinse and repeat as many times as it takes until you’re pretty sure they’ve forgotten all about the original embarrassing word.
  3. When taking away privileges start small and add incrementally. It’s easier to stick to taking away video games for an hour than a week.
  4. Don’t use activities you’re looking forward to as leverage.
  5. When my daughter was little and I introduced the toothbrush I’d tell her to do different animal sounds, like..roar like a lion (she’d open wide) hiss like a snake. (she’d bite her teeth together).
  6. Kids will push the boundaries with the people they love most and feel safest with. Big emotions are tough for little kids, but there’s safety for your son in pushing those boundaries with you because he knows you’ll still love him.
  7. Always park right next to the cart corral at stores.
  8. Wear jeans. I can’t tell you how many times I can wipe noses and sticky hands on my jeans and nobody is the wiser.
  9. When my littlest one is really grumpy and crabby I will put him in a costume he loves. He’s still crabby but it makes dealing with the fits a lot easier. The absurdity of a baby rolling around crying in a dragon costume melts away the stress pretty fast.
  10. I bought a cute stretchy bracelet that I use to wear around the wrist on the side of which boob will be next for nursing. That way I don’t have to remember, just switch the bracelet to the other wrist while I am nursing.

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