Option 2: Lawyer Up

Some people find litigation to be scary. To be frank, good lawyers are their to help you and protect you. Don’t get me wrong, they can be expensive but you can find reviews online, get referrals from friends and neighbors, and shop and compare lawyers. Almost all of them should be able to give you an estimate up front for their services before any payment is required. A stern letter from a reputable firm can go a long way when the company would rather avoid the financial losses that tend to go along with a lawsuit.

Option 3: Make a Stink

Companies with shady practices are ultimately about the money. If you don’t like how they have treated you, tell the world about it. Go online to social media and company review sites and tell others about your experience. Make sure to post certain details so people can identify the company you are talking about and can factor your opinion in to their decision.

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