Pregnancy is a fun, amazing experience- for the most part. Here’s a couple surprising (and sometimes yucky) things people don’t tell you about pregnancy:

When you sneeze, when you cough, when you laugh too hard; there is a chance you will pee a little. Keep the panty liners or pads on hand ladies- it never hurts to have one on just in case! I know; you thought you were done with pads when you got pregnant but sorry to say that you may just need them for a whole new reason.

Sometimes, prenatal vitamins make you vomit. If you find yourself vomiting or feeling horrible after taking your prenatal, try taking it before bed (after eating sometimes). If you STILL feel sick, try a gummy pre-natal. Some of us simply can’t handle certain aspects of the prenatals; talk to you doctor first but it may be fine to take children’s vitamins (Flinstone’s anyone?) for the first and second trimester and then switch to prenatals when your body can handle it.

You may want to up your fiber intake. To be perfectly frank, pooping is a real issue for pregnant women. Many pregnant women go maybe once a day and it’s like rabbit pellets. You are allowed to take a daily stool softener and this is much better for you and baby than straining!

If you’ve never tooted in front of your partner before… then prepare to be amazed. Trust me, if you somehow manage to keep all the gas in during waking hours you are probably still an occasional foghorn at night. This might be embarrassing at first but eventually you’ll just have to accept that it’s just one more thing that’s out of your control!

You may not know where you left the thingy- or what the thingy is actually called. Pregnancy forgetfulness isn’t a joke. Forgetting where stuff is, what the word for something is, and how to spell stuff is common. It will make you feel like you are losing your mind but it’s totally normal!